Thursday, June 4, 2015

Ginger + Lemongrass Chicken Thighs #HotSummerEats

I have another delicious recipe for Hot Summer Eats!  For this post I received some great products from Gourmet Garden to help inspire this recipe.   All opinions and thoughts about the product are 100% my own.

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I was so excited to get my hands on this lemongrass seasoning.  I have never cooked with lemongrass before and I knew right away that I would be using it as inspiration for this recipe. As a matter of fact, I used a few Gourmet Garden  stir-in pastes, these pastes are a great way to get fresh herb flavor into your dishes and they can last up to 3 months.

I let my chicken thighs marinate overnight in a mixture of these great spices and the next day it was ready for roasting.  I would recommend grilling these as well and will definitely try that next time.  I love roasting chicken over vegetables so I decided to slice up a red onion and add some baby carrots to the pan along with some of the same spices to roast along with the chicken. The result was amazing!!

Be sure to head over to the Gourmet Garden website and check out the great Herb Pairing Chart.  I spent a lot of time browsing through it. Then come back here and start marinating your chicken thighs.

recipe adapted from Shockingly Delicious
1-1/12 lbs chicken thighs, boneless and skinless
1 tablespoon Gourmet Garden lemongrass
1 tablespoon Gourmet Garden ginger
1 tablespoon Gourmet Garden chunky garlic
2 tablespoons brown sugar
1 1/2 tablespoons fish sauce
1 tablespoon soy sauce
1 tablespoon olive oil
1 tablespoon rice vinegar
a pinch of chili pepper 

Place all ingredients into a Ziploc bag and let marinate overnight.  
Preheat oven to 375 and roast chicken for 30-35 minutes or until juices run clear.
If using vegetables, place vegetables in pan and drizzle with olive oil, lemongrass, ginger and garlic and let roast for 10 minutes before placing the chicken on top and then roasting 30 minutes more. I topped out chicken with fresh from the garden cilantro.

To learn more about Gourmet Garden and their products click on any of these links. 




  1. ooo now I wish I had used those seasonings with my chicken wings

  2. I love that flavor combo. This recipe sounds like a keeper.

  3. Great flavors in that marinade - I'll definitely give it a try for my next batch of chicken.


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