Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Craft Fails - It Happens to the Best of Us

*I was given an advanced copy of this book for my review, all opinions are 100% my own.

When we want to see amazing projects done right, we head over to Pinterest - right?  But where can we go to see how miserably other people have failed?  We have all failed at projects and recipes, haven't we?  This book, CraftFail, is full of hilarious craft fails that will make you realize, we all mess up.

I can prove it!  I saw the cutest set of wine bottles painted to look like candy corn the other day and decided I needed my own set.  I spent a lot of time taking the labels off the bottles and getting them smooth and perfect.  Then I painted them and voila!!!

My Craft Fail:

Spray paint was definitely the way to go here - maybe I'll try again another time.

Here is one from the book that literally made me LOL.  

Want to know why?  Because I've done this....more than once.

This book is full of so many fun craft fails, its a great book to always have in arms reach.  I look through it over and over again in the pick up line and it never gets old.

Your turn - Tell me about one of your craft fails.

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  1. This book just came in the mail yesterday! I can't wait to dig in--and share a few of my craft fails! :)


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