Monday, August 18, 2014

Tie Dye Shirt to Scarf

I am loving my new tie dye scarf - it was so much fun to make too!  Also - I clearly have not mastered the art of the selfie.

The kids did a tie dye project at the end of the school year in their art class and they loved it. They actually came home from school and asked if we could add tie dyeing to our summer list of "things to do."  Little did they know, I already had plans to tie-dye our summer.  

I wish I had a picture of the expressions on their faces when they saw all the amazing colors we received in the mail from Tulip One Step Tie-Dye. These dyes are perfect for multi-color projects, group activities or in our case just some good family fun.

That's my daughter demonstrating how easy these dyes are to use.  Just add water to the container and shake  Then you are ready to squeeze the dye onto your project (and yes, there is a clear cloth over the counter.) My project is the finished one you see in the front of the picture, it's the one I used for my scarf.

Here it is again, rolled and banded to segment the areas where I added the different color dyes.  

And now the fun part.....

This is the same shirt after it has been dyed, washed and dried.  After the initial wash, dyes become permanent and color-fast so they won't fade in the wash.

The top left picture is where you start, lay your shirt flat (mine is missing sleeves because I am going to use them for another project - you don't need to cut the sleeves off.)

The top right picture is the next step.  Cut off the top of the shirt, under the arms and cut off a portion of the bottom (you can decide how thick you want your scarf.) These are the pieces we won't be using.

The picture on the bottom left is next, cut strips as thick or thin as you would like, I suggest trying to keep the thickness uniform.  I snipped and ripped because it was easier for me. You can cut all the way or rip.  You want to stop before you get to the end, get as close as you can but keep the shirt attached on one end.

Once you are done cutting, stretch out the scarf so the strips curl.  In the last step, bottom right, I used a small strip of the shirt (from the part I cut off) and wrapped it around the side that wasn't cut through after I gathered it together. I just wrapped it around itself a few times and knotted it and tucked the edge in.

Here is a better picture of that side and of me sporting my new homemade scarf.

My kids and I had so much fun Tie Dying our summer and creating this fun scarf - next up is a back to school scarf in school colors for my daughter.

This video shows you how simple tie dye crafts can be.

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  1. This is such a fun idea! I feel like everyone has a tie-dyed shirt that they never wear to do this with!

  2. so cute!! I love the way it looks in the final result. thanks for linking up to Create Link Inspire. Emily


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