Thursday, May 16, 2013

Lucille Ball + A Mothers Day Giveaway

Happy Mothers Day!  Make sure you take some time to relax today.  What better way to relax than with a delicious cup of tea.  How about a Sweet & Spicy cup of tea?  What - you don't have any in the house!  I can help with that, I am giving some away.  Two of you will each win a box of Good Earth Sweet & Spicy Tea.  Keep reading to learn how.

Lucille Ball Voted Mother who
Made the Biggest Mark in Good Earth Mother’s Day Survey

(May 9, 2013 – Montvale, NJ): Being a mother is one of the boldest jobs there is, so Good Earth Tea, maker of unique and untamed blends, asked fans about their own mothers in their second annual Mother’s Day survey.  Just like Good Earth’s distinct flavor combinations, the results are delightfully surprising.  When asked who the most untamed, “make-a-mark” mother in history was, respondents choose Lucille Ball (38.9%) over Eleanor Roosevelt (24.9%), Michelle Obama (17.1%) or Marie Curie (13.5%).  

Another unexpected survey finding is that more than 43% of fans related their mom to atypical and imperfect TV moms like frazzled but funny Claire Dunphy of Modern Family (23.9%) or snide and sassy Lois Griffin from Family Guy (19.3%).  The famous TV mom that fans say is most similar to their own?  The quintessential clean-cut, even tempered mom, Carol Brady of The Brady Bunch with 41.2% of the votes.

In terms of real-life mothers, fans voted Madonna as the overwhelming choice for boldest celebrity mom (41%), with Gwyneth Paltrow and Kris Jenner tied for a distant second with 16.6% of the vote each. Beyonce’ received the fewest votes (12.7%) just behind Victoria “Posh” Beckham who got 13.2% of the vote.

“Good Earth Tea’s unique fusions are inspired by the Earth’s natural wonders, and there are few natural wonders more profound than motherhood, so we love hearing what our fans have to say about moms,” said Anna Corini, Marketing Executive, Good Earth. “At Good Earth, we celebrate bold moves and untamed moments and mothers are always a source of both.”

One of those bold moves, dance moves, that is, that survey respondents thought their mothers most likely to be caught doing was “The Twist,” which received 66.7% of votes over the seductive “Tango” (15.5%).  Fans must not think their mothers are YouTube fans though, since the survey shows that not many expect to see their moms getting down with “Gangnam Style” (9.9%) or the “Harlem Shake” (8%). 
More than 45% of respondents said their own mother is both sweet and spicy - an ideal combination, just like Good Earth’s signature Sweet & Spicy blend.
The survey was conducted over a four-day period in April 2013 via a survey link on the Good Earth Facebook page.

Interesting survey right?  Lets make this a fun giveaway - Comment below and tell me which TV mom you most relate to.  Then come back and click the box in the Rafflecopter to be entered to win a box of Good Earth Sweet & Spicy Tea.  I'll announce the winner next weekend - Good Luck!!

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  1. Wish it was June Cleaver but was more like Roseanne!

  2. I'll go with Marge on this one. :P

  3. The mom I most wanted growing up was Olivia Walton.

  4. Jill Taylor from home improvements

  5. I think I'm going to go with Jill Taylor too - I haven't watched a lot of family shows recently.

  6. Thanks so much. I emailed my details.


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