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DIY "Mai Tai" Cocktail

I am excited to introduce you guys to the creator of this fabulous drink pictured above.

Kendra Thornton: Travel advocate, TV spokesperson, PR businesswoman, proud wife and mama of 3. I am a long time travel expert who has been packing my bags and traveling the world since I was 3 months old! I've found my utmost desire in life is right here in my own home. I have mixed my excitement for travel by bringing the taste of authentic cuisine to my own home with some of my unique recipes. Enjoy!

you can find Kendra on twitter: @KendraThornton: 

DIY” Mai Tai Cocktail

I didn't want to leave Hawaii.  Who could blame me?  I was staying at the beautiful Halekulani Hotel in Honolulu on Waikiki Beach.  With its lush surroundings and serene atmosphere, the hotel was exquisite and anyone who has ever visited Hawaii will tell you - it truly was paradise!
I knew before I even made it back to the mainland that there would be so many wonderful memories from my Hawaiian vacation.  I had to find a way to relive them all and recapture those feelings of serenity and relaxation I felt - and not just by looking through my pictures.  I knew that if I had to leave Hawaii, I was going to have to find a way to bring a little bit of paradise back home with me.  
Luckily, I found a way to do just that.  Not only is the Halekulani Hotel a fabulous top hotel, it serves a Mai Tai that is to die for! And now, after a little mixing and pouring and stirring and garnishing, I "go to Hawaii" every week in the comfort of my own home along with my friends and family.  I do it myself with this Mai Tai recipe: 

- 1/3-Ounce Orgeat Syrup
- 1/3 Ounce Orange CuraƧao
- 1/3-Ounce Rock Candy Syrup
- 3/4-Ounce Bacardi Gold Rum
- 1/2-Ounce Bacardi 151 Rum
- 1 1/4 Ounce Fresh Lime Juice
- 3/4 Ounce Bacardi Select (float)

Combine all ingredients except last over crushed ice.  Pour 3/ 4 ounce of Bacardi Select Rum over it all (it will float). Then, simply garnish with lime wheel, sugar cane stick, mint leaf and Vanda orchid.
It's that easy! In a matter of minutes, you will feel like the warm Hawaiian breeze is blowing through your hair and the sound of a ukulele is playing in the background.  You bow your head so that lei may be placed around your neck.  You are back in paradise!
That's the power of sights and sounds but most especially tastes and smells.  The power of taste alone can transport you to a whole different world.  A taste can conjure up a childhood memory or, perhaps even better, the memory of an amazing vacation.  
I am proof of that!

Thanks Kendra!  I, for one, am definitely craving the warmer weather now - I'll let you know if this delicious drinks help me visualize the ocean and warmer days...looking at the picture already has me half way there.

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