Sunday, December 30, 2012

My Top Posts of 2012

I feel like I just posted my Top Posts of 2011 - this year flew by!  
Happy Birthday to Me! 
I'm 37 today
So for my birthday let's celebrate 2012 with a review of my favorite posts month by month.  For your favorites,Check here.

January 2012
Pork Chops with Pancetta & Cabbage made in my brand new (birthday present from hubby last year) purple dutch oven.

February 2012
I made Banana Nutella Bread - 'nuff said.

March 2012
Since I make this almost weekly. I have no choice but to pick it as a favorite.  We can't get enough of this French Bread in the Bread Machine.

April 2012
I love this dish!  It's a Chipotle Chicken and Rice - so flavorful!

May 2012
Another great chicken dish - this Chicken & Chickpea Stew is a real winner.

June 2012
This is a Little Man Favorite - and if a dish makes him happy - it most certainly makes me happy.  Apple Meatloaf.

July 2012
Indian Style Chicken & Lentils (are you noticing a pattern?  I love one pot Chicken dishes!)

August 2012
I think I love this idea just because ts so different.  I made Savory Granola.

September 2012
I made these PB & J Bars for Secret Recipe Club and I also made them for my 9 year olds Class Party.

October 2012
I think it's time to post a craft - I made Wine Glass Charms.

November 2012
For your sweet tooth - this Black Bottom Pumpkin Pie is sooo gooood!

December 2012
For December I really should post a sweet like these Decadent Rum Balls - but I made a new Kale dish this month that I absolutely fell in love with and make over and over.  It's this delicious Sauteed Kale with Toasted Sesame Seeds and Parmigiana.  I love it as side dish with dinner and I love it even more as my leftover lunch the next day.

Thanks for hanging out with me in 2012 - Have a very happy and healthy New Year and I will see you in 2013!


  1. 1) Thanks for your note on my blog! I love yours! :) Glad you drew me over! New follower here!

    2) HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope it's wonderful!

    3) I want to make that cajun chicken dish...and several others!! :)


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  2. *chipotle, not cajun! I was just bookmarking the recipe and saw my typo! :P

  3. Great roundup! I love the wine glass charms and I really want to try your Chipotle chicken bake!

  4. Oh wow, these all look so yummy! That nutella banan bread looks particularly good. I might have to try it once I'm done with this gestational diabetes!

  5. Happy birthday love!! It's been so much fun getting to know you in 2012 and I hope for even more awesome posts in 2013. I want that kale salad, by the way. Soon!

  6. It all looks so good! Stopping by from Just Something I Whipped Up @ The Girl Creative.
    Kate - ihearteating

  7. That Chiptole Chicken and Rice is screamin' my name. I'm adding that to my menu for the week!

  8. I want them all!! And happy belated birthday!

  9. Happy bday!!!!! Love your top 10 list, especially the chipotle chicken rice dish. Yummy! Have a great new year.

  10. You really know how to make a girl hungry! These all look wonderful! Thank you for sharing them on Wednesday's Adorned From Above Blog Hop! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  11. Love your month-by-month round up! I'm off to pin your bread recipe! I'm taking a bread making class later this month and I'm hoping I'll be on a bread baking frenzy after it. Happy belated birthday!

  12. A year of deliciousness! Happy New Year!


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