Monday, November 12, 2012

The Right Glasses for Your Bar

Not all glasses are created equal! There are over a dozen different types of glasses on the market today, each made with a specific beer in mind. To the layman, all glasses may look the same – but did you know the shape of the glass can affect the taste of the beverage? The right glass can turn a passing customer into a regular. The glasses featured below can be found at any restaurant supply company, such as Culinary Depot.
Pilsner Glasses are tall, slender glasses made specifically for Pilsners. These glasses are thin overall, but tapered at the bottom. Often used for lagers and pilsners, this type of glass displays carbonation, color, and the clarity of the beer.
A traditional pint glass is cylindrical in shape, with a bulge at the top. The bulge at the top allows room for the ‘head,’ or carbonation of the beer. These are the most versatile of glasses, and can be used with any common beer from IPA’s to stouts. The advantages of these glasses are they come in 2 sizes, they are cheap to purchase, and easy to store behind the bar.
Mugs are good for larger volumes of beer, as customers’ hands around a glass can warm the beer over time. The handle on a mug can reduce the heat transferred between hand and beer, and allow for the customer to enjoy larger volumes of beer over time. Mugs are also great for celebrations, and easy to ‘clink’ together.
Goblets are ideal for darker beers and some IPAs, as their shape allows for a CO2 bubble point, which causes a steady stream of carbonation into the beer. This steady stream of carbonation allows for the head of the beer to be maintained down to the last drop, which is the ideal way for these beers to be consumer.
All beers can be enjoyed out of a standard pint glass, but having the right glass for the right beer can take your bar – and your beer – to the next level! A beer drank in the right glass, can create a whole new experience for your customers that will bring them back time and time again! 

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