Monday, December 12, 2011

Personalized Wedding (or Holiday) Gift 2

I wanted to say thank you to all of you for all the great comments I've been getting on this project.  A lot of you have asked for a more thorough tutorial - I am going to do my best to help you out with that, I did not take pictures while making it so for some of it you may need to use your imaginations. OK  here goes:

I used my Cricut for this project and I used the Make The Cut software (which I was told is no longer available for Cricuts.  There are other programs you can use or just use cartridges with fonts that you like.)
If using the software - open the program and layout your wording and monogram - you can play around with the different fonts.

for the "W" and the "Established" I used a font called Engravers MT
for the word "West" I used Lucida Handwriting.

Once you are happy with the fonts and the sizes you can then start separating (in this program you go into "Shape Magic" and "break" the layers) and then cutting the pieces up in sections.  I like to go back into shape magic and "weld" the words together that I am cutting together and then move them out of the way in one piece. You can see I first chose to leave the W to cut because I wanted to cut that in white and moved the rest of the words off of the cutting area.

Next I remove the W and add the words that I want cut on black vinyl.

Once all your pieces are cut on vinyl you can stick them onto the frame.  I always use transfer tape for this step. I place the monogram on first and then add the rest.  I hope this helps - if you have more questions ask away but please make sure I can e-mail you back.  A lot of people who had questions had a "no-reply" email address and I so badly wanted to answer everyone.


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