Thursday, November 17, 2011

PackIt! A great way to keep your food fresh

This post brought to you by PackIt. All opinions are 100% mine.

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I pack my kids lunches everyday and I always throw in a cute ice pack to keep everything nice and cold.  My kids eat at different times, Sweet Girl eats at 12:30 and my Little Man has lunch at 10:30.  The other day  I went in to sit with him at lunch.  That day I had packed him cut up deli meat and cheese and  with crackers, similar to Lunchables.  I was shocked because when I saw him take out the cheese I could tell just by the looks of it that it wasn't cold and that my cute ice pack wasn't doing it's job.  Sweet Girl eats two hours later so I am sure her lunch wasn't any better.  I was definitely disappointed by this and I am now looking for an alternative, I am eager to give PackIt lunch boxes a try.  These lunch boxes were created by two moms who were looking for a better way to keep their kids lunches cool (I can relate.)  This lunch bag/cooler stays colder than any other lunch bag out there - I need one, actually I need two.  Right now PackIt lunch boxes is offering a great deal, buy one PackIt and get one free for only $19.95.  I can get one for Sweet Girl and one for Little Man!  
AdvertisementDo you guys have the same problem with your kids lunches or your own? Comment below and let me know what you think about PackIt lunch boxes!

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