Monday, November 21, 2011

Another Thankful Post & Craft

I love fall, have I mentioned that!  Hubby took Little Man to a basketball clinic the other weekend and Sweet Girl was home with me.  She felt we needed some "girl time" and wanted to craft something.  This is what we created. This our "Thankful Leaf Banner."  Sweet Girl went outside and collected a few different leaves for us to trace onto some card stock - but then I remembered....Hey, I have a Cricut!  So we busted out the Cricut found a cool leaf pattern and hit the "Cut" button (EASY.)  Then we wanted to go simple and rustic so we grabbed some twine and clothes pins and put it all together.

Here is why we call this our "Thankful Leaf Banner" - the above picture is the front of the the banner - but if you turn a leaf around, you may find this....

We wrote what we are thankful for on the back of some leaves - sometimes when the kids have friends over they have them fill a leaf in too.  This leaf is special because Sweet Girls BFF just moved away.  She filled one out before she left.

Enjoy your holiday!!

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