Saturday, October 8, 2011

What I Bookmarked This Week

It's Saturday - time to share my weekly bookmarks with you. These are recipes I want to try or projects that have inspired me. Here are a few from this week I hope they inspire you as well.

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I can't wait to try this Banana Caramel
 Challah Bread Pudding from Pursuit of Happiness.

The Novice Chef shared a delicious recipe for Pumpkin Cinnamon Apple Sauce.  I just bought a bunch of apples to make applesauce with -I may need to add a few extra ingredients to the pot now.

Pumpkins again.. I can't help it I just love them!  How Does She claims this is the Best Pumpkin Roll Recipe Ever...Sounds good to me.

I love these easy but fabulous Christmas Ornaments from Beneath My Heart - I definitely want to try making some of these this year!

I wanted to share this great post from Madigan Made, if you have time check out the Must Read List: 10 Techie Tutorials for the Average Blogger

That's all for this week - I'm getting ready to head out of town to celebrate an early 10 year anniversary with Hubby - Have a great weekend everyone!!

You can find a lot more of my favorite things on Pinterest - yes I'm addicted too!
These are few of the many things in the blogosphere that have inspired me this week - what has inspired you??


  1. This banana pudding looks so good! I need to find that type of bread. Oh Lordie, I am so addicted to Pinterest is ridiculous... but I love it! Hey I want to invite you to join us at Simple saturdays, We just started but if you are interested below is the link.

    Maria @ A Platter of Figs

  2. Thanks for featuring my recipe! hope you get a chance to try it!

  3. Aw! Thank you Danielle for the bookmark! It really is one of the best recipes we've come across! Hope you love it too!


  4. I love Pumpkin Applesauce. I make it all the time-I'm actually pureeing pumpkin later today for the applesauce tomorrow.

  5. The food looks delicious, and I am always looking for blogging tips. Thanks for that great link. Have a wonderful week.

  6. I saved the pumpkin applesauce too! I don't even like applesauce, but it has pumpkin in it!

  7. I've been tempted to try one of those rolls... but I'm too scared it will split on me!


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