Monday, July 25, 2011

Check out my new Flirty Apron

This is me trying to look "Flirty" in my Flirty Apron -  Maybe I should have done my hair first...  but back to the apron.  How cute is this apron?  I love it- this is definitely my new dinner party apron not that I have an old dinner party apron but I like the idea of wearing this and looking awesome while entertaining.  Did you notice the pocket - it has bling?  Its my favorite part but the ruffles are pretty cool too.  What else can I say about these kitchen aprons but that they are freedom from domestication with a little Sugar n’ Spice (that's actually the name of the style I chose - Sugar n' Spice.)    Here checkout a few of the other styles  of women's aprons.  I had a hard time choosing a favorite they are all so pretty.  Look at the necklace on this one -it's called the Little Black Dress.

 or the Cherry Blossom apron - I love the tie on this and the colors are fabulous

Guess what?  I have a promo code for you for 20% off just enter code BB20 for 20% off.  But there's more, here's the real fun part: Flirty Aprons is running a great contest now, after you get your new apron (with your discount) you can post a video on YouTube about Flirty Aprons and show your creative way of destroying an old apron.  The top 10 videos will get a full refund on the apron and price and the #1 most creative video will receive a full refund plus a $100 Visa gift card.   Fun right?  This contest will end on September 10th at midnight Pacific Time. All YouTube videos need to have Flirty Aprons in the title and you can email your video links to

This posting was sponsored by Flirty Aprons through Broadcast Bloggers


  1. Just saw this. What a fun and beautiful apron. You look FAB!!

  2. Great content material and great layout. Your website deserves all of the positive feedback it’s been getting.


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