Thursday, May 5, 2011

Flowers for Mothers Day or Teacher Appreciation

We made some really cute flowers in a vase for Little Mans preschool teachers.  BUt they would be great Mothers Day flowers as well. My plan was to make the teachers some tissue paper flowers and call it a day but when we went to grab the paper we only had green.  You can't make green flowers!  SO we quickly grabbed a few supplies and threw this together.  I say quickly because I didn't even stop to grab my camera (I know what was I thinking?)  I think I can recreate this for you - it was a lot of fun to make with my little man.

First we grabbed some TP rolls (because I have way too many of these lying around the house waiting to be crafted with.)  We then chose some cardstock and covered the TP rolls with it. 
For the flowers, I actually had some flower pieces of paper lying around but you could easily cut some out of paper yourself.  We cut the leaves out of different shades of green paper.  I didn't have any green pipe cleaners in the house so I looked through my stash of "stuff" and I actually decided to use green paintbrushes for the stems.  Sweet Girl had a birthday party at Michael's this year and we gave out goodie bags filled with art supplies, I have a lot of paintbrushes left over from this. 
I stuffed some green tissue paper inside the tubes and pushed the brushes through it just to hold them in place. 
When you are done go ahead and embellish however you like.  We added cute little flowers to the front and wrote "Thanks for helping me to grow" - I attached these with some mini paper clips.

I think my Little Man was excited to give these to his fabulous teachers - what do you think??

Sweet Girl gave her teacher this printout I got from eighteen25.

We added a fabric flower to the frame and used the same "Thanks for helping me to grow" saying and wrote it on the flower leaves.

I was happy with our gifts and I think the teachers really liked them.

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  1. Both flower and the printout gifts are really cute. Love the expression on your Little Man's face!
    Btw, we just ate cucumber raita I made from your recipe and my hubby and I loved it! Kids not so much, but it's ok, they love fresh cucumbers with only little salt on
    So thanks again for posting that recipe.

  2. great projects and so nice to see you on Craft Schooling Sunday!

  3. What fun last minute gifts!

    Thanks for linking to Creative Juice. Hope to see you back again this week...

  4. It's nice that you are teaching your kids to be thoughtful to their teachers. Back when teacher appreciation day was rather new, my mom called all the mothers asking them to have their kid write a short note to give to our teacher. Mom and I made cookies for the teacher's lounge. Only 2 other kids did anything.

    Trus me, based on how the teachers reacted to the little bit of attention they got that day, I know that they appreciated that your kids took the time to do something special for them.


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