Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Little Imaginations Running Wild

The kids seemed a bit bored on Sunday and I wanted to help them get those creative juices flowing.  I decided to break out the TP rolls (since I have quite the stash.)  So far the only thing we made with them was this great felt bracelet for Sweet Girl.  I have noticed all the really cute animals that  Crafts By Amanda had been showcasing lately, I thought it would be cute to make something for Easter.  Well, I showed the kids all the different options they could make and they decided to make their own creations.  And guess what - I let them!  This is a big deal because normally I would be right beside them explaining what I thought they should do, instead I gave them a bunch of supplies and let them go to town.  Wondering what they made?

I guess Sweet Girl was getting in the holiday spirit- wrong holiday though - she was all about Halloween with her creation:

Little Man liked the idea of making an animal - I was pretty impressed by this 5 year olds alligator:

I kind of like the idea of leaving them alone with a bunch of art supplies and just letting them create - I think they taught me something this weekend. 


  1. lol, I have a stash of TP paper rolls too :)
    love how creative your kids are.

  2. My daughter loves Holloween too! She is ready for Holloween any time of the year.

  3. This is great! I would love if you would like this up to Made by Little Hands Mondays!
    Have a great day!


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