Friday, April 29, 2011

Lentil Mango Picadillo

For those of you that follow me you know that Saturdays have become my day to post my bookmarks.  I post what I have found across the blogosphere that has inspired me.  I am going to try to devote Fridays to showing you what I have done with those inspirations.  Today I am doing another "Your Recipe - My Kitchen" post.

When Joanne at  Eats Well With Others posted this recipe for Lentil Mango Picadillo I was intrigued.  First of all any recipe with cilantro and cumin is sure to grab my attention, my all time favorite spice and herb.   Then she added mango and almonds - YUM!  And of course lets not forget the main ingredient, the lentils, I have never met a legume I didn't like ( actually I'm not a huge Lima Bean fan but that's another story.)  I loved this dish! I have been trying to find more meatless dishes and this was perfect.  I was nervous at first because I thought hubby, who needs a pretty hearty meal to feel full, would miss the meat in this dish.  He didn't miss it at all, he really liked this dish too.  I chose to serve this Picadillo over Quinoa - it was perfect.  And to stay true to the heat lover I am - I did add a bit of my favorite El Yucateca Hot Sauce - I couldn't resist. 

You can find the recipe for this Lentil Mango Picadillo at Eats Well With Others.


  1. Oh yay! I am SO incredibly happy that you loved it, and that it satisfied the meat-loving husband! Maybe that means it has a chance with my parents...

  2. Looks awesome! But no lentils for me...I had some and Danny has been gassy for 2 days straight. No fun!

    Mae (Plumber in Denver)


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