Saturday, March 26, 2011

What I Bookmarked This Week

I'm going to  try to share my weekly bookmarks with you.  These are recipes I want to try or crafts that have inspired me.  Here are a few from this week I hope they inspire you as well:

I stumbled across this recipe purely by accident and I am oh so happy I did (and you will be too) Cream Puffs in Venice made these amazing Nutella Meringues.  Feast your eyes on these bad boys - YUM!


I am always bookmarking off of One Perfect Bite's site (and I actually made something from it last night but I'll save that for a later post)  Today I am drooling over this Pumpkin-Peanut Risotto.  Doesn't that sound great?

I love granola!  And I enjoy making my own so I know I will be attempting Eat, Live Runs Elvis Granola very soon.  It has dark chocolate and peanut butter in it - these top my list of favorite things.  I can't wait to try it.

WIP Blog has a great tutorial on how to upcycle vases.  I love this easy way to add color to your decor.  I've seen it on other blogs before but for some reason she made it look so easy, I think I am ready to give this a try.

I love, love love these bracelets that V and Co. made out of  jersey knit fabric (I know I have some old shirts around that I can tear apart for this.)  The tutorial is so detailed as well.  I am really looking forward to this one.

How cool is this?  Remodelaholic made scrabble tile like wall art.  If you look closely you'll notice that not only is this done with the names of family members but there are some tiles that spell out "family" where the numbers usually go.  I love it!

These are few of the many things in the blogosphere that have inspired me this week - what has inspired  you??


  1. yummy nutella cookies, I can't buy it around here or I just eat by spoonfuls

  2. I just love your Sat. bookmarks. Its always fun to see what others are finding interesting. The pumpkin risotto looking interesting.

  3. That risotto is definitely on my to-make list as well! We'll see if I can squeeze it in this week...

  4. Hi, Thanks for the visit. I'm just visitng back. I can see from this line up that we have similar tastes. I'm going to enjoy following your blog. Those vases are really cool. I hope you post them when you've finished.
    I really like the bracelets & letters ideas, too...and the food - well yumm!

  5. Great finds! That granola looks delicious!!

  6. I LOVE the jersey knit bracelets. So cute!
    As for the Nutella Meringues, hello! I love the hazelnut chocolate spread:) Cookies made out of them? YUM!

    Added myself to your Google Friend Connect my friend and will be back to visit again:)

  7. Anything with Nutella...YUM!!!

    Happy Tuesday!

  8. Fantastic list; thanks for sharing!!

  9. Hey this is the blog, ohhh nice furniture info too.


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