Thursday, February 10, 2011

Snow Cream

We are having yet another snow day  today.  This time we actually had some accumulation - so I ran out to gather some snow with the kids (and do a little sledding too of course.)

After we came in the kids wanted hot cocoa (I didn't tell them why we were collecting the snow) I told them I had another plan, after all why warm up with cocoa when you can have snow cream?
I went to grab my ingredients:  Condensed milk and vanilla but when I opened the condensed milk it was nasty!! It was brown and smelled pretty bad.  I did a quick search online and could not believe how many snow cream recipes there were.  Here is what we ended up doing. Enjoy!!

What you need:
about 8 cups of clean snow
1/2 cup of sugar
1 cup of heavy cream
1 teaspoon vanilla

Beat the cream, sugar and vanilla

Pour over snow

Gently fold

We topped it with chocolate syrup - yum!!


  1. Next time we get a snow- I must try this! Looks so fun.

  2. I think this may be the most simple basic recipe EVER. However I don't just happen to have heavy cream in my fridge, darn.

  3. Hi Danielle,
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  4. Thanks for following me back! My kids are also 7 and 5 too! I will definitely have to save this recipe and make it with my kids.
    Also, love your taco soup recipe. It's easier than what I do (mine has more ingredients like Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing (powder), Rotelle, diced tomatoes, and three kinds of beans. I'll have to try yours!! Also, would love to try avocados with it next time.
    Do you like international cuisine?

  5. Ah, this is a classic! I made this every time it snowed as a kid. Brings back such good memories.

  6. I have never heard of this before. But it sounds so fun to make!! I don't know if we will be getting more snow or not, we are in our foggy cold time in my town. But I am definately going to save this for next year!

  7. I made some of this the other night and loved it and so did the kids! I should have put chocolate on mine though like you did!

  8. I too love snow cream! :) Yummy!
    Visiting via FTF!

    Adin B

  9. sounds yummy but we don't have snow here...:( happy weekend and i'm sure the kids had fun doing your snow cream! :)

  10. Embrace it right! My 7 yr old daughter got the Dairy Cream Blizzard maker for Christmas and we did the same thing............have to give hubby the credit for that one.

    I am your newest follower from Boost My Blog, enjoy the weekend.

  11. don't you just love snow ice cream!!! Thanks for linking it up... yummy!!!

  12. I remember making this when I was a little girl. Just didn't remember how. I'll have to share it with my - almost 5 year old!
    The pics of your kids are too adorable! You can totally tell they're enjoying every minute!
    Found via KoJo designs linky. Following now! :o)
    All the Best,

  13. Ok, I have never heard of this stuff. Now I want some snow here in the South to try it! Thanks for sharing with us at Sundays at One Food Club

    Angie @ Cocina Diary

  14. I wonder if the cream vs. milk makes a big difference. I bet the cream is much better and it tastes more like ice cream. I've only done it with milk. I'll have to try that! But hopefully next more snow, please!

  15. Could we use this recipe on our blog??? Looks yummy email us at! We d love to feature you!!

  16. What a cool idea! I'll have to try it sometime!


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