Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Tuesdays Workout Review

I've been good - even with the kids home and the holidays etc.  I've been sticking to my plan!  I just started P90X why? Well, mostly because I'm just plain crazy, but since I just started it I'll talk more about it next week.  This week lets talk Jillian Michaels and her 30 Day Shred .I love this DVD!  I was intimidated at first because from what I know thought I knew about Jillian was that she was mean and hard core.  She is definitely hardcore but in her DVDs she's not mean at all, she is actually very encouraging - exactly what I need.  Her DVD has 3 workouts at 3 levels.  When I first started I thought I would never make it to level 2 but if your consistent you will be at level 3 before you know it, really!  Each workout combines cardio, strength and abs and they are only 20  minutes each.  I actually own this DVD because I like it that much.
What new workouts have you tried or do you really enjoy?


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  2. I started P90X and managed to last for 3 weeks but had to stop. My son does the program pretty regularly and I have just stuck with going to the YMCA. I think you doing great and I love your reviews. Keep it up!


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