Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Stylish Blog Award - Thank you! Thank You!


Before the holidays  I received this great award from Shantel at Its a Priceless Life and have not had the chance to pass it on - so I am going to do so now. Thank you Shantel for sharing this with me!

Here are the rules to accept this award:
1. Thank and link back.
2. Share 7 things about yourself
3. Pass it on to 15 bloggers. 
 4. Contact and congratulate those bloggers.
OK here goes - 7 things abut me:
1.  I wish I were more organized (in my house and in my head)
2.  I love rice and beans and could probably survive on them alone..and coffee and red wine...
3. I have a 16 year old Dachshund that has been with me..well.. longer than my husband (and he is the coolest dog ever.)
4. I spend way too much time on the computer!
5.  I love to cuddle (it helps that my kids and hubby and both love this too.)
6. I am a magazine junkie
7.  My Family Rocks!!

15 Stylish Blogs - So hard to Choose Just 15
10.  WIP Blog

It was hard to choose just 15 - There are so many blogs out there that inspire me everyday.  If you haven't had a chance to check out Its a Priceless Life or any of these 15 blogs, please do so. 


  1. Stopping by from Location Central blog/Tennessee.. XOXOXO!!

  2. Thanks for the award! That is so nice of you!

  3. Wow, thank you!!!!! I love all those other blogs too!!!

    ~Allison @ House of Hepworths

  4. Danielle, thanks for the award! Love it. You are too sweet! Angie

  5. Aww thanks so much for the award! You are too sweet!

  6. be counted among that talent? Humbled. thanks girl!


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