Wednesday, November 3, 2010

$ .48

This is my amazing find for the week (maybe for the year actually!)  I found this awesome water bottle in Target the other day for only $ .48. I am kicking myself for only buying one for Sweet Girl, she takes a water bottle to school everyday so I grabbed one for only her.  I am going back tomorrow to see how many I'll be able to snag.  Sweet Girl thinks she's a little rock star. She started learning how to play guitar last year so after I added her name in white, I went ahead and added two little black guitars.  I have a tendency to always add "just one more thing" and overdo my projects so I tried to keep this one simple and really make it represent her.  Do you think it's a little too simple?

Little Man is obsessed with firetrucks so I think I will add one to his.  I'm thinking flowers or just a pretty design on mine.  I hope they haven't sold out!!

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