Thursday, October 28, 2010

Time to make the holiday cards -Can you believe it!

Have you used Shutterfly before? I have been using them for years. I keep all my photos stored with them.  I am able to organize them into different folders and edit them and of course print them up in all different sizes.  I love how when I print them up, I can edit the wording on the back so I know what the picture is from right away.  I have also used Shutterfly to print up photo books and holiday cards.  I will be doing that again this year too.  This year though, the design selection they have is amazing!  I am having trouble deciding on my absolute favorite.  I assure, you  that whatever your taste is -Shutterfly has a card (or rather a lot of cards) for you to choose from. 
We had a very crazy year this past year!  A lot happened, so when I saw this top ten card  I thought what a great way to fill people in on our 2010. 
I also love the elegance of this card it is called the family wall blue.  I love black and white and a blue together.  I also love being able to use many photos on the card.  It is so hard to pick just one.

The last one I am contemplating for this year is the Love and Joy card.  I love this card because it really says it all. "Peace, Love, and Family"  I love the simplicity and the beauty of it.

Be sure to checkout all the amazing cards Shutterfly has to choose from.  I would love to hear from you - which are your favorites?

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