Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Leaf Art

This was a fun project for the kids.  It definitely would have been a lot more fun if it wasn't so windy the day we did it and the sun stayed out just a bit longer.  I think we may attempt to make one or two more of these and attach them together. It could make a pretty table runner.

First Sweet Girl and Little Man went around collecting leaves for their pictures.  We also needed some rocks to weigh down the leaves. While they did that, I taped the paper together.

Then the kids arranged the leaves on the paper and placed the rocks on top.  This had to be done a number of times until we found large enough rocks.  It was very windy.

Then we left it out in the sun for about 3 hours (I would have left it out a bit longer but the sun was gone and rain was coming) be sure to check on it to make sure the leaves haven't curled up and adjust the rocks accordingly.  When you remove the leaves you will have a pretty leaf print.


  1. Cute idea! Found this from Ishare:) Great job:)

  2. What kind of paper did you use? Construction, tissue, special light paper? cute idea!


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