Saturday, September 4, 2010


Ugh -  What a terrible picture!  Okay, so the picture is bad but the flavor is great.  Last night was the premier of Camp Rock The Final Jam.  This was a huge deal in our house and the date has been circled on our calendar forever.  So, how did I forget to to go to the store and plan an awesome snack for our very small (just the kids and me) Camp Rock party?  An hour before the show began I was able to throw together these yummy snacks - we appropriately named them "Rockstars"!  You make Rockstars by opening up your pantry and grabbing whatever you can find -leaving us with a  recipe that really wont have exact measurements.  I found shredded coconut and some chocolate chips so I figured I would make some haystacks but then I got creative and grabbed the peanut butter because - well we add peanut butter to everything, then I saw the marshmallows and well, this is how Rockstars are made.  Enjoy!

Shredded coconut, maybe about half a bag
Chocolate chips, about half a bag
Peanut butter, one huge heaping tablespoon
Small Marshmallows, I don't know 1/4 bag maybe?

Toast the coconut on a cookie sheet and watch closely.  Meanwhile, add chips and peanut butter to a microwaveable bowl and microwave for 30 second intervals until slightly melted and stir.  Add marshmallows to chocolate mixture and completely coat them.  Add coconut to the mixture (leave about a tablespoon behind).  Scoop with a tablespoon and mound on to a parchment lined sheet, top with some remaining coconut and refrigerate until chocolate hardens.

Makes about 10

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