Thursday, September 30, 2010

Fall Craft

It's finally Fall, my absolute favorite season, and its time to start decorating.  I crafted this sign with my Cricut and some help from Sweet Girl.  I used a piece of wood I picked up at the craft store and sprayed it black. I then I used my Paperdolls cartridge for my Cricut to cut the pumpkin and the leaves.  I cut the letters from my Zoobaloo cartridge. I actually cut all these things out from card stock (I need to stock up on vinyl in a variety of colors) and glued it down and then put a sealant over it.  I am happy with it for now but I do want to redo it with vinyl one of these days.  When I decided to make this I was going to make a big "M" and put "Miller" across it and then add the rest of the cutouts -  somehow.  Sweet Girl came up with the idea to make the pumpkin really big and I thought that was a great idea.  It was a fun little project for us to do while she was home sick the other day.

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