Monday, September 13, 2010

20 Kabobs

I think I mentioned that Sweet Girl was star student a week ago and that her class requested fruit kabobs as the special snack she brings in.  Well, here they are - 20 fruit kabobs for Sweet Girls second grade class.  I asked her what she did with the extras and she told me she shared them with her kindergarten and first grade teachers.  I thought that was sweet, but when I asked if her second grade teacher (her current teacher) had one she said no...hmm why I asked.  "I forgot to give her one."  That's Sweet Girl for you. 

I have decided to have fun with the kids lunches this year instead of dreading them like I have in the past.  I was inspired by some other blogs I follow.  Two good ones are 360 Lunch Box and another lunch .  These blogs are where I got the idea to make the fruit kabobs that my children look forward to everyday (pressure) they get very upset if I skip a day.  I also have made them the shaped eggs and some cute fruit cut outs with mini shaped cutters.  It has become a lot of fun.  I am also trying to add more homemade snacks to their lunches.  I enjoy doing this because ...well its fun, but also I can make them some healthier snack options.  My favorite part is hearing about their lunch when they come home - they really do appreciate the extra effort. 

I think I should send a fruit kabob in for Second Grade teacher - don't you?

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  1. As a teacher I say YES, I'd love a little fruit kabob from a kiddo. Super sweet special treat.


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