Friday, August 13, 2010

Ugh - Consignment!!

And so it begins! I thought I would be blogging about an awesome project I made with my Cricut machine. But no - that never happened. It's consignment time again and for those of you who consign you know the chaos it brings into your home. The piles are starting and sorting has begun. I know I have a lot more to sort, hang and tag. Of course, because I didn't get enough done today and still have it lying around - I have 2 kids going through the piles rediscovering clothes they can't live without, eventhough it hasn't fit in two years. Every year I say "I'm not doing this next year its not worth it." But it is - I love opening night of consignment sales and all the amazing clothes you can get at great prices. I will do this again next time and the time after that. But for now...Ugh - Consignment!!

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