Sunday, August 22, 2010

This weeks "To Do" list

Ok, I am the worlds best procrastinator.  Seriously, I am!  I am thinking that I could just take last weeks "To Do" list and rename it this weeks and I should be all set.  Sweet Girl has been in school for 2 weeks now but Little Man starts this week - so no more excuses.  Well, maybe some excuses, after all he is only in school for 3 days out of the week.

This week I will:
  • make a dentist appointment
  • get a much needed haircut
  • bake something, I am thinking mini muffins for the kids lunches
  • clean out one of the kids rooms and/or the playroom - trash the junk toys and consign the stuff they have outgrown
  • craft something - Yay! me time!
  • attempt a more challenging workout at least one day this week

ok, there it is this weeks "To Do" list.  Wish me luck!

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