Thursday, August 19, 2010

Simple Dinner

Baked Curry-Glazed Chicken - one of my kids favorites.  Basically it's a fancy sounding Honey-Mustard Chicken.  This is what we had for dinner tonight.  At first Sweet Girl gave me the lecture about how she doesn't like chicken.  I attempted to remind her that this was one of the chicken dishes that she likes, I pointed to my hand written recipe card "see it has one of those special kids like stickers on it (this is how a distinguish the true kid favorites from the rest)".  She asked for Ketchup - I said "No - try it first.." Yup - I was right as my kids happily chime in at most meals it was a "winner winner chicken dinner."   It was a rather eclectic meal: we had the curry chicken, plantains, rice and cut up avocado.  Oh, did I mention that Sweet Girl got up from the table to help herself to a second piece of chicken - this almost never happens.  The kids don't want to fill up their dessert space in their bellies.  I guess it was worth it for Baked Curry-Glazed Chicken.

Baked Curry Glazed Chicken
½ cup of honey
¼ cup butter, melted
1 teaspoon of salt
1 teaspoon of curry powder
1 chicken cut up or 4 breasts and 4 thighs.

Stir together the first 5 ingredients until completely blended. Dip the chicken in the mix and lay in a single layer on a pan (skin side up). Pour any remaining sauce over top and bake at 375 for 1 hour (or 40 minutes for breasts and thighs).

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