Wednesday, August 18, 2010

"How Does it Feel Like to be a Girl"

I was sitting down having a chat with Little Man today and he looked at me and he asked "How does it feel like to be a girl?"  Hmmm - good question I guess.   But what's a good answer?  I, of course, then asked him "How does it feel like to be a boy?" he had an answer for me (4 year olds have all the answers after all) - "Good!"  Oh , then it feels good to be a girl too.  Then he wanted to show me how it feels like to be a boy.  He started flexing those little muscles of his until they were shaking.  He squeezed so hard he started grunting.  He went on and on for a while doing the same thing.  It was really cute.  I'm wondering what my husband will say or do when I ask him later, "Honey, how does it feel like to be a boy?" after a few strange looks, I'm wondering if he will start flexing and grunting like Little Man.  I bet he does.


  1. Be sure to update with what Big Fella does! Found you via FTLOB.

  2. I bet my husband would do the same thing if I asked him, too! Great blog made me smile.
    Found you through FTLOB.

    Tanya at

  3. Lol! I love the pic of him flexing his muscles. :) You'll have to remind him of that someday. Thanks so much for linking up today! Hope you have a fabulous weekend!


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