Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Crazy Day

My only commitment was to take one picture a day and blog abut it and I have failed already.  No pictures today!  Today was the start of dance classes.  Its just one more event thrown into my day but it managed to throw me completely off.  Once Little Man and I picked up Sweet Girl, it seemed like the rest of the day flew by.  A rush to get through homework , a quick change into dance clothes and then off to dance in the horrible storm (have I mentioned how I hate driving and bad weather does not help.)  After sitting through dance and making our way through the crazy mob in the tiny studio we get home.  Now its a quick reheat of last nights dinner followed by some yummy brownies.  A shower for both kids and done.  Now a nice cocktail for me...I hope all Tuesdays aren't this hectic!

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